Silver pomfret Halibut Cuttle Fish ( Sepia sp.) Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus)

(Crassoestra Gigas)

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Small Select in Shell Oysters (3" - 4")
Average Weight 24 pounds Bushel
Product Code CO1000

Medium Select in Shell Oysters (4" - 5")
Average Weight 32 pounds Bushel
Product Code CO1001

Large Select in Shell Oysters (4" - 5") Average Weight 48 pounds Bushel
Product Code CO1002

Fresh Shucked Oysters Pints
Extra Small (18 - 24)
Small (12 - 18)
Medium (8 - 12)
Product Code CO1003

Fresh Shucked Oysters Quarts

Extra Small (36 - 48)
Small (24 - 35)
Medium (16 - 24)
Product Code CO1004

Fresh Shucked Oysters Half Gallon

Extra Small (72 - 120)
Small (48 - 72)
Medium (32 - 48)
Product Code CO1005

As an oyster wholesaler and seafood supplier, we ship fresh, in shell or shucked oysters worldwide!

We have extra small, small, medium and large in shell oysters or you can buy them by the pint, quart or gallon already shucked and ready to eat!

All our seafood is shipped fresh frozen direct to your door! Request a wholesale oyster quote for from our site

Oyster Recipes

Southern Fried Oysters

Bacon and Cheese Oysters

Baked Oysters Brownefeller

Fried Oysters

Stir-Fried Oysters with Garlic and Greens


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